A great book, the author strikes the perfect mix of adventure and characterization. This novel grips the reader, a real page turner. Truly, a heady mix of adventure, fantasy and horror. Can't wait for the next one.

This is one of my young son's favorite books to read with his mom. He asks to read this one all the time. Anything that gets kids interested in reading is a good thing so go for it.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. if you loved the Driven series than you will love Consumed. I was a good book.

This I think is my favorite book and I have to say it was a really good book. It will take you into a world of make believe that you will not want to leave.

Great book.

Great book. So unfortunate that it happened. Good to see that he attributes his survival to God. I enjoyed it from front to back. Good read.

Loved, loved, loved David! I thought Elliot was a bit of douche in the end but I am glad everything worked out for Katrina in the end. Good book. 4.5 stars. I would recommend it to friends.

Ended much too quickly for me. I found myself reading while walking down the street, (a big indication of a great book). An absolute page turner --- have yet to hear from someone who hasn't enjoyed it

This was a funny book and well written. As with most books written with humor, there's a fair amount of exaggeration. Turner sounds like an adoring and attentive mother. I don't get why anyone would get upset about the chapter on pets, she never neglected or purposely harmed an animal,although the hermit crab bit was unfortunate! I think some people take things a bit too seriously. Very good book.

This was another great book for the series and I definitely read it in one sitting. I ha to know what was going to happen.. I think I was expecting a little more but it definitely didn't disappoint.. can't wait for more....

If, like me, you were a little confused on where to begin to understand VB.NET and ASP.NET - this is the best book you can buy. Top notch. Clear. I am an experienced VB6 programmer. If you are brand new to programming, you might want some other baby food. This is more like hearty beef stew. Yuuuum!

This is a very good book that pulls at hour heart strings. One finds truelove in an unexpected place.

this is just a beautiful book. the most unexpected ending ever. i would totally reread the whole book all over again.

This is a great book to have. It would make a good stocking stuff, and is just the right size to carry anywhere

This was a really good book for the series because it has so many turns you cant see coming. I love the concept because the story is so much more exciting when there's a danger of kidnappers capturing the kids! I recommend that everyone read this exciting book and the rest of the series!

This is the best book of its type I have ever read.A no holds barred overview of what is destroying the black today

Very good book. I am surprised by the quick read for such a large book but it flowed along. Nothing too graphic and that's a plus. Of course, rotting corpses, I mean this as a physical whole, are part of the graphics but hey! no worries. Just watch out for what might be under the sand on the beach!

This is a wonderful book. I was looking one book that was all inclusive. This is more than that! Thank you to the authors and all involved in publishing this neat book.

As a life long Bonnie & Clyde fan, this is the best book everWell written & well researchedWish you had a 10 star option

It started out a bit slow but became better after the first two chapters. I love WW2 historical fiction and this is really a very good book.

Great book on how to get healthy and stay healthy with a few simple changes in your diet. Love it.

Wow what a great book. He told the story so well. It confirms what I believe that God is in control at all times.

Best book for boys ever!! My son's are loving this and are eager to read! shipped fast!

This is the best ever.This is great book that tells girls how to run a dairy.I love it.

This story was amazing. It shows that not all stories are 100% romance. There are real issues brought up in this wonderful book. It is written well and not a carbon copy like most love stories.

It's a really good read. Some parts are a little slow so you have to keep yourself going but then it picks up again. All in all it's a good book.

what can one say this is yet another great book. This series should be forever a 5 star banger. Hats off to you once again Redd great job.

What a great book. I couldn't put it down. Fortunately, it is also very easy to read, so one can read it in a day, or less. It is a very moving book, but the part near the end where Christopher travels to London by train is hilarious. Everyone must read it!

Although not scientifically perfect, it is a wonderful heartwarming book that is very easy to read and offered up alternatives that I had not considered. Good book, Scott.

This was such a great book. I loved all the action and how they Incorporated aliens into the story line!!