This was a very good book. Did not expect it to be it surprised me can not wait for the second book

This collection of funnies from George is a great book, sometimes the pictures he adds can be hard to see on a kindle, but he explains them as well so you dont miss out.I finished it pretty quick as it's easy to read, and was left wanting more

A pretty good book. The first part read slow. Glad I read before watching the movie which I will do once it comes out on DVD. Couldn't imagine being shipwrecked!

Pressfield has done it again. A great book that kept me turning the pages and biting my nails. What an awesome story. Told in spare prose with the same putting the reader right in the battle sense from Gates of Fire. This is just a great read. I finished it and wanted to start right over again. There's so much to learn in this novel.

Another great book....definitely a good read..Great characters and story. Hoping that another one follows soon would like to read more!

Great book! I enjoyed it more than no cry sleep solution but we had more of a nap issue than nighttime. Easy concepts on how to help your baby gain confidence to sleep alone and has a chart on how much daytime and nighttime sleep they need as the grow through the months.

Very good book that was well researched, but still some supposition is found because there is simply too little information in the Bible about some of the women.

this is a great book with a nice unexpected twist... while some of the characters are real most are not so its pretty cool to read too

Most of these patterns I have seen elsewhere. The descriptions are slightly lacking but very understandable. Nice book to have on hand.

It's a great book and arrived quickly. It's highly recommended for creative artists and book makers

Great book. Does have some down times, but picks up again at the end. Would recommend to all my friends.

I love how the author tells you everyone's thoughts on the same subject. This is a very good book, with a bunch of very surprising characters!

I thought this was a wonderful book and finished it in less than a day. I enjoyed the story line and found the way Navajo beliefs were worked in very intriguing. I will recommend this to all my friends and family.

This was an awesome book. It was very sexy and clean at the same time.I would read it all over again..I think this is my favorite book from the whole series..

Great book and worth the read! For the most part it kept me very intrigued! Looking forward to the next one!

Good book. Easy read. It helped me get through the test I had as it was a required read for my course.

It's a good book for a person who loves to read I wish it was longer and I wish it was focused on more things

Although a good book and probably well researched, the intrigue was not sufficient to hold my attention or make it hard for me to wait to continue reading.

Good book

Great book with a lot of mystery and twists to keep me turning the pages! I love science fictions with futuristic and present twists.

I'm taking her class this June in Portland, Or. and can't wait! Her style is so great and she is an amazing artist with glass, soldering and style. This would be a great book for someone who likes glass arts.

Has all the things a good book needs. Plenty of action with the right amount of humor. I hope he keeps up with the series.

Good book. Purchased for my daughter and she really enjoyed it. lots of great tips. Some of the recommended products are a little expensive but last for a long time, so over all probably dont cost much if calculated for the life of the product.

as usual, Sparks has written a great book. It is an easy read and kept my attention, from start to finish

Lemons are an easy to source way of neutralising acidity in your body - this is a great book to support an easy to implement strategy for a long healthily life.

I love apples, so this is a great book for me. Can't wait until apples are in season so I can use fresh apples.

This is a great book because it is nicely laid out, easy to read and really thorough in its descriptions of the transits.

Great book wonderful story amazing writing!! This series is one of my favorite ones I could not put them down until I finished and can't wait to see what is in story for Zoey and her friends!

Another good book and how things might go if this kind of thing happened.

This is one of the best books i have read this year. The title is so spot on. I wish their was a second book to follow the relationship.