Great book! Full of information and very helpful to experienced and not so experienced restorers. Found many ideas to try. We can all use help on repairing some of our furniture now days! Worth the cost!

Loved it! It was thrilling. You get to see a whole new side of Noah that you don't see in the other Nightwalker books. I personally suggest reading the whole series (theres Jacob, Gideon, Elijah, Noah and Adam) if you haven't to better understand what is going on, but it's not absolutely necessary. Truly a wonderful book. And the scene in the parlor, just, damn. Haha.

This is a great book for men's knits. There are a few patterns my husband said he "wouldn't be caught dead in," but all-in-all a good book. There are a couple of patterns I wish were in a woman's size, because I love them. I guess I will have to scale them down to fit. My favorite pattern so far has been the skull hat.

This is one of my favorite books. It is not only a beautiful book for equestrain lovers, It is also a great book for people who are interested in "triditional" interior design!

It took an odd turn and was not not thrilled with the ending. It could have been a great book.....

If you are considering a career in the CIA this is a great book. It gives a realistic view of the apllication process, training and daily work life of a CIA spy. It gives you a good look at what life is like for a CIA case officer.

connelly never lets me down when it comes to reading a good book. He has mastered the art of writting successfully and most important knws how to end the story. Cant wait for his nwxt book to be released.

This was a very very good book just liked the past one thank you for an great book from Mykenzie B

Life's lessons never change. The journey is timeless! A great book for the solitary meditation or small group discussion. Read!

Great intro to skeptism. Will give you an interesting read as well as a jump off point to many other great reads and subjects. Awesome for a broad overview and to find many great books and subjects that may peak your interest which you may want to go into greater detail. Highly recommended

Good book, love Julia's writing, funny and a good read, made me read all her other books after reading this one, so I am hooked Dr.

Great book to have on hand. Excellent source for what to grow or buy to help out with first aid at home.

This is definitely in my top five favorite books! I read it in a day. I just could not put it down! I really really hope there is a second book to this very soon. I want to know what happens next so very very badly. Definitely a must read. Highly recommend!

This was a very cute and funny book to read to my three year old little girl. She really liked the colorful pictures of the different stores and especially that Jason walks barefoot from place to place. It is a great book for young children.

I happened to come upon this authors first book by accident awhile back this year and have been happy ever since. Another great book!

It's an okay book, but it's pretty thick and takes a while to get through. If you really want to study this topic, then this is a great book. If you want something more anecdotal, I'd go for a memoir instead.

I enjoyed every page of this great book! What a story. Easy to keep track of the characters and become one of them!

Gentle story and pictures that imparts positive values about cooperation with other classmates, being content, modesty and the value of simplicity. It also shows how by pulling together more can be accomplished than you can alone. It is a nice book for the early childhood classroom, fo r children, up to the 2nd grade. Kindness and good vlaues aer highlighted.

What a great book! Great storyline, ready to read the other two books. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!!

Karin slaughter has written another great book and while the subject matter turns my stomach, my hand kept turning the pages.

it was a good book easy to read and understand. the characters were ok. the plot was ok also as the setting.

This is a very good book can't wait til the next one comes out. Keep writing about the Amishe problems.

I really dislike books with no ending and no sequel. Was kind of a good book except the female character was a little pathetic till it left everything up in the air. Waste of my time reading it. If you like books with no closure to the story read this or I advise you to skip it.

This is an easy and entertaining book to read. It is a tale about time traveling into the past and discovering what love and romance are all about. This is a great book to take while traveling or a great beach read. I give it 4 stars.

Asimov describes a future that has not yet arrived. His robots are likeable. His humans are as fragile as can be. A good book and a quick read.

what a good book. It had everything. Lust, suspense and hot steamy sex.Skye knew who run to but wasn't sure who to trust. I found myself guessing too. I wasn't sure if Trace could be trusted.Kudos to the author for such a good read. I'll be looking forward to read others in the series.

Fantastic book. I had low expectations, having never heard of the author and seeing the discounted price. This has the potential of becoming a classic. I can't wait until the next in the series is published.

A good book for someone that like this genre.The story line is good but lacks a consistent character voice.

This is the good book for Toddler counting, Picture must give the quick imagination. They also know the different types of animals. Thanks for author.

A great book for anyone who likes to be prepared for those 'what ifs' in life. Ferfal give a lot of great information based on his own personal experience. It's good to read something based on life experience in a city vs. survival in the wilderness which is totally different.