Such a great book! Can't wait to continue with the series! I look forward to seeing what happens with Jack!

It was a good book. I enjoyed it. BUT seriously, the hero is pretty waffle-y. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Good fluff read though.

Great book for those who want to life more...and do it in a safe way...lots to learn and well written by a real pro who knows what he is talking about....

This story alone is incredible. Add the beautiful illustrations, and you have a truly wonderful book! EXCELLENT! I can't say enough good things about it. Everyone should read this story! Highly recommended!

This is a great book that really challenges how you think about what you believe. Well written and one you want to share with your friends!

smart little short beautiful book that i expected to be a nice read but didn't expect for a great time reading it. Fast delivery as well

This is one of my all time favorite books. Great suspense and romance my mother loved it too. impossible to put down

I really enjoyed this story. I appreciated the effort of the author to develop a relationship between the characters and her 'daughter.'Thanks for a great book!

This was a fairly good book . It was helpful and informative I enjoyed it very much. I would recommend it to everyone to read.

This is a good book for Astrology enthusiasts. The stars play a role in our everyday lives from moodiness to amorous feelings. It all has to do with our signs and characteristics.

This was a good book to fill in lovely warm afternoon rests when i was recovering from a busy year!

Great book. It will change the way you think, and, if you let it, it will certainly change the way to eat.

I loved the ending but I have to say this was the best book I've read in awhile a !!!

Not you normal series lots of twist and turns very interesting keeps you eating more not sure what will happen next good book check it out

I loved these books. I am so glad that I went ahead and bought all three together because I flew through each one and was able to immediately start the next. I am also certain that I will be re-reading these books as the movies come out, if not before. I would--and have already--recommend this trilogy to anyone who asks me what good books I've read lately.

Love the story. It had me from the very beginning. It had romance, comedy, suspense and an inside look at search and rescue.I have read it more than once. This is one of Nora's best books. I highly recommend it.

I had to order this for seiveral people I love! I think it is probably the best book I have ever read on healing in your emotions - which affect your body and every aspect of your life!

Great book and read well but keeps your interest and you keep wondering could this be real and happening any day.It is truly possible!

A very good book with cool twists and intresting ideas that need to be built on... that is it. As a follow up; it's superb and makes you really unhappy to wait for the next installment.

great book - characters well defined, needs a follow up on lives afterwards. especially the agents who looked for the girls and their department.

This is a great book to read to the kids at bedtime. Its got great illustrations...and is absolutely adorable that the capital letters (mom & dad) put the baby letters (lowercase) to stinkin' cute! ;) A definite must have for those that like ABC and bedtime books...

Great book, it is very interesting, how the people work together, and everything that went on into that project, the end is very good with a lot of details.

great book. just imagine what we could do if it wasn't for those cameras.. and family members who care enough to look at all the angles.. recommend to all5 stars for sure

this story had all the making of a really great book . Great hero compelling story line it was just too short!

Great book but you need to read the rest of the Harmless series or you will get confused about the charect

It is extremely good book. Might be hard at times, but more because topic itself is kinda complex. Book is really well written.

I could not put it down by the last half! The first chapter drew me in so much, then the trick was to see how it finally fit together. I really, truly loved the ending! I would have not changed a thing!Great book. I hope he writes more full length novels!

This was a really good book, enjoyed it all the way through. I like the series. Wish there were other books added to the series.

This is a vary good book for beginning readers and the pictures are nice too. Some words are challenging but still good book.

Could be the best book of the 3, Book 2 was a let down, but book 3 was right up there with book 1 and may be even a little bit better.