good book but simple read but I think the author intended it to be this way to convert more that are reading it

This is a great book to have in your library. It is a great beginner's guide -- covering a little about several energy therapies. I highly recommend it.

Great book' I love it. One can. Really relate with dog and handler. I never gave much thought to the exhausting training these dogs and handlers go through. Truly amazing.Pamacox

A great book overall. Definitely one of the most beneficial books I've picked up in some time! Informative and game changing!

But that doesn't mean it wasnt a good book. It wrapped up the novel and really they are short and should've been one long book at one price but what are you going to do? I like violets writing and humor and look forward to other books from her.

This cookbook is a great book. All recipes have a photo of the dish that show what it looks like prepared.Ingredients are a little out-of-the ordinary for many people who are not used to eating gluten-free, but the transition will be easy and cost-effective.Most of the ingredients one has in their kitchen already.Great book.

This was a very good book, can't wait to see what's next from this author.

Elijah of Buxton was a very good book. Though I do not recommend it for children under the age of ten, those who are interested in the civil war over that age will enjoy it very much.

This was one of the best books I have ever read. I loved the whole entire series but the last book was perfect!!!

Great book overall and provided an excellant ending for the series without sqelching the hope of more books to possibly be written in the future about other characters in the saga. This novel certainly did not lack in originality or creativity! Must read for all Stephanie's fans!

This was a pretty good book. It's not the best in the series though. Ben Holiday once again surprises us all with his relentless strokes of LUCK. However, this was a good story with all the characters you love from Magic Kingdom for Sale-SOld. A good, light-hearted adventure.

I think everyone has heard about this great little book. Most children are picky about their food and don't like trying new ones, so it makes it easy for children to relate too. And the thought of green eggs and ham makes it funny too. It's one of my favorite books to read to my child. I consider it a classic children's book.

Finding the happily ever after is always a wonderful thing. This is a very sweet series that I enjoyed very much and I was actually very sad to see it come to an end.This would be a wonderful book series for any young girl to read and know that we each have a soul mate that God has selected for us if we can just be patient and wait for them.

beautiful book! it is perfect as described A+++ Thank you for the perfect condition and speedy delivery of my book I do love it

Nice book, nice quality photos. Not the best book in the world, but I did pick up a great idea from it, so...

This is possibly my favorite book. Great story telling. Fantastic message. It inspired a lot of introspection. I'll probably read this again in a couple weeks, and several more times in the coming years. I'd recommend it for anyone.

I have to say that this is by far one of the best books I have ever read! The story is amazing.

Great book: Excellent insights, well-written, and engaging. It's a treat to read a business book written so well. And I hope to put its principles to work in my personal life as well as my business.

It was a great book. Has the same feel as all of Daniele's other books but with a new twist. Really love the Hunter character and can't wait to see what happens to Kayla.

Really good book. At times I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard! I suggest reading the first couple of books in the series though. I didn't and wish I would have. While it is a stand alone book the rest of the characters are from the previous works. I will be reading the rest now. Again very good book!

Very good book. I just had a hard time getting it to. But I keep reading and I ended up really liking it.

This is a wonderful book I enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to finishing the series! One of my new favorite authors.

This was the best book I have read this year. it is a good mystery,well written, and can be associated with many factors in families with secrets. lies that are associated in one's life will never go unpunished, but truth prevails in the end. have time to read a long time because it is hard to put down.

Great book, got it for free too! Very entertaining as I enjoy Michigan. I thought it had great characters, most were well developed, good story and plot. I'll be reading the authors other works.

I totally agree with all the superlatives heaped on this wonderful book. Usually I don't take the time to write a review unless I have something original to contribute, but since this is the best book I've read this year, I just had to add another positive to those already written.

Haven'tt had a chance to read it yet, but will let you know later. I think it will probably be a good book to read.

This is a good book. A lot of good advice from a very spiritual man. I do recommend reading this.

I love that it had romance and suspense in equal amounts. The history of the pack always interests me to see how similar it is to other books. And I loved the part where they trust one another. Great book!

Nice book with a surprising twist real raw a few twist and turns didn't know what expect. A good read overall. Summer is off the chain.

This was also a very good book. It had a very good story line and was very interesting and kept the attention.