I recently went to Ireland and went to most of those places. It was a lot of fun to then read a very good story where I could actually picture for real everything that was going on. The story is about each tour member, including the leader, and what is happening in their own lives and how they change. Just a good book to sit and read.

One of my favorite books of alltime! Hugo's use of history and vocabulary really made this a great read, for me....

Great book to read if you want to gain a global vision of the problem of sex trafficking and what Christians in various country's are doing to make a difference. Highly recommended.

This is a good book for those trying to understand how your thyroid works and what to expect when dealing with your new diagnosis. It arrived in a timely manner and packaging was perfect. This educational reading will give you knowledge to ask questions and better understand what your doctor is doing at your office visits. Educate yourself!

This is a great book that is written very well!! Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down and I finished it in one day!! A great story with awesome characters.

Always great! This one may actually be my favorite. It explains the Snows and the brothers more and shows the respect they have for each other. Another great part of their story and another great book from a great author. I am happy to support your work and can't wait for another book!

Great book!! This one gets down to the bottom line quickly. I was a little confused about the role and effects of high glycemic foods. This answered all of my questions in a short period of time. Excellent reference book!!

This was a simple story. At first it was hard to get through, but then about 50 pages in you see the change she makes in herself. It was a feel good book.

great book, non-stop read, but choked me up quite a bit, still, the 1st and last books were the best.

Well written and the action never stops. It was one of the best books I have ever read. Just brilliant!

Absolutely fantastic book, was absorbed from the moment I began reading it. Very thought provoking, heart rending and one senses that the story is unfortunately repeated in this day and age.

My first kindle book, was a bit skeptical since it's was free, now i know why for a limited time only. Great book. Great characters, excellent tension, and a fast-pace. Will be looking into more of Gross's books.

Another wonderful book. If you like shabby chic in its full richness you will love it. I have all her books and will not part with one!

What a great book!I just can't get enough of this series. Here's to a great author and a fabulous series!

this is a great book. it is filled with lots of useful information. will order another for my friend. glad i purchased. well worth the money.

A great book of one mans honest successful attempt to climb Everest , this is a great book of inspiration and triumph.

Another great book of Halberstam. I've read all his books and this one (along with the Reckoning and Best and Brightest) were his best I think.

I am 69 and have enjoyed reading the stories. I didn't know there were so many stories about OZ. It would be a really good book for younger people too.

What a wonderful book! Photographs are beautifully done, and a great selection of authentic recipes too. Would highly recommend this!

yes another great book I really enjoy this author and look forward to many more as they keep me entralled

It was a good book. 3 stars because i felt it did not really do much until the end. And being someone that doesn't read all that fast it got a bit hard to get through. Good enough to keep me going....but....i think he could have put both books into one. I will read the next one because i fill he could get better at writing and i fill there is a good story in there. Keep up the good work.

I found it entertaining and it was a quick read for me. I would have moved the order of information around to make it more of a mystery longer, but all in all a good book

Keep going back to this ebook and read it over and over. There is quite a bit of helpful information for writing purposes.Thank you for a great book.

Great book to follow and easy to read and follow. You will be surprised what food may work well while other myths are wrong, such as the juicing your foods is great...that takes out all the fiber and leaves the sugar! I did not know that and was wrong in thinking that it was good for me...lots of practical advice...nice read of facts.

I was looking for more original ideas, not just basic knowledge. It's a good book for a young person with their first ever apt or flat, but it's really quite basic.

it made me literally cry but was great and i could fell like i was feeling what jack was. all in all one of the best books ever.

This was a great book. This is the second book that I have read by this author.I enjoy her style of writing very much. Recommend to anyone as very enjoyable reading.

This was a great book I really liked it. This is the second book I've read of hers and she did a great job at them.

I laughed and cried -- and felt understood. This is a great book, written by someone with overwhelming compassion and a great sense of humor. Her examples and openness are extraordinary. And her succinct tips are invaluable. I'm recommending it to anyone I know over 30.

Easily one if the best books I have read in a long time. Bran and Adrian's story is worth reading again.