Good book for young readers. A lot of typos but still a good book. I'd recommend the series. The author keeps you wanting more.

I now have new understanding of how great our young men & women Marines truly are. great book easy to read & understand

Not only was it voted best fiction it was voted as best book club discussion book for 2005. A moving story that leaves so many points to discuss.

Very exciting book. Fasted pasted and interesting. Would like to read more from this author. Thanks for the great book.

Great book - fell in love with the characters and the story. It had better twists than a typical forbidden romance. It had good humur and a well developed story. I only wished they revealed the freaking song they played for her.

What a great book. It was actually part of a series, which I have read all 6 books. Anyone who has middle school children will appreciate this series to get their child engaged. But it is also enjoyable for an older reader who simply loves to read fantasy or science fiction.

A great book for all Disney fans and readers who enjoy a good adventurous thrill with cliff hangers that keep you reading.

Just wanted to jump on the wagon with everyone else who said this was a great novel. It was just that. Keep the good books coming.

It was a good book but not as good and some of the others that she has written. If you have not read any of her books, this is a good one to begin with.

Best books I have read in a long time. They totally capture your attention and leave you wanting more. I loved them.

These are great book the first three really catch the reader into the story although the last two kind of loose strength. Overall a great read!!

SUPER short story. However, enjoyable. Truthfully it is a good outline for what could be a really good book. I hope the author re-visits this and fleshes it out to a full length book.

Great book, can't wait to start the next one! It is fabulous and has captured my attention and heart :)

This is a Good book, But the words are printed small it has very good idea's to follow.

This is a wonderful book about people connecting and finding hope and love despite their own limitations. The characters are rich and real. You will love them all by the time you finish reading.

i read this when i was a kid and loved it and ordered it just to see if it was as good as i 2 1/2 year old loves it too, good pictures, easy story, great book also for beginner readers...

Overall it's a good book. I recommend it for someone new to training, because it's motivational and everything is clear cut - training splits (including instructions on how to do each exercise) and nutritional info.I benefited from the explanations of certain things (like how to tell if you are over training, etc.) and I enjoyed the tips.Design wise (layout & text) - I think it's awesome.

This box set has it all. Hot sexy man. What a great summer read. The price you cant beat all these great books for this price. Get it you wont be sorry!

Good book for the basics of understanding the mechanics of options but not a lot of use for actual trading. It really is light on useful fundamental concepts you should use to trade - maybe that's what you get in the additional products they have for sale.

Great book. Plenty of practical, biblical advice. Nice format and well written. w w w w w w w w

This was a great book. If you are a little burnt out and want to learn concepts a little quicker this series is the way to go. They are very thorough, but very easy to read also. Works great at a supplement to other text books or alone to refresh on a subject. Loved it!

The writer Blake had me turning pages because it was such a good book!! Then part II is coming out this month I'm so ready for it! Let's get it!

So I am not a cheese eater, my husband is, so I bought this for him. This is a good book for recipes and has excellent insights as well.

It was a good book as are most of Johns books. I felt it was a little to short for me.

I read his book prior to the movie coming out, so when so much of his story was left out, I was bummed-but understood it would have turned into a multiple hour ordeal. This purchase was actually for a friend, a lover of music and fan of Johnnys, who had not read this great book.

A good book, but a little hard to believe at times. Just wish the author would do some research on stuff before he writes. All in it is a good story to keep your attention.

Great book with lots of twists and revenge! Loved it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good page turner.

this is a very good book, love the first part, but had a hard time reading the end. to very sad, he was a very crazy, no heart man, never want to read his work again!

This is a great book. It is strange and wonderful. Josh is not just some twink, he can kick butt. Madden is hurt and sad. They make a perfect couple to heal what has happened to the other. Can't wait for more!

This is a very informative commentary, it is thorough and very satisfying, i was very surprised with the quality information provided along with hebrew words and their meanings.Wonderful book for all bible students.