Once again, impulse purchase after checking out a copy from the library. It's a very nice book, I just really didn't need it. Needless to say, however, it is now in my library and will no doubt be utilized at some point.

Great book nice read follow the advice read it to tired to write six more words here It was a Awesome book

This is a great book to keep you entertained while you read it. Lots of interesting facts about cops, crooks and crime in general.

Sad but great book you should definitely get it plus it is very very very very very very veryexiting

This is a great book using few colors for light and dark areas. I love the simple figures for paintings and ways to suggest the figure without painting every detail.

A good book that kept me wanting to read more, the story was full of interesting twists and Christian principles.

Great book, I really enjoyed it, It kept me entertained the whole way through, I've read it twice now n I would love to read a sequel...

It is a very good bookI enjoyed trying to say the tongue twisters as fast as I couldI really enjoyed it

Well written, interesting crime, just perhaps not Phelps best book. I would have enjoyed it more had the author not been so relentlessly critical of the scheming murderess. Yes, she's evil - but sort of one-note in the telling. The 2nd husband also got short shrift insofar as readers understanding what he might be like in personality and values. Still a good read.

Absolutely an excellent read.One of the best books I've read in a very long time.A real page-turner to the very end!

Too much Bondage sex. Did not like the first book but thought I would give this one a try...not any better...just really hate this series so far. Not really into the men or the many good books to read...don't waste time on this one...

This is my grandson's favorite book. He is working on potty training and loves when I sit with him and read it to him. He then turns around and tries to go.

A great book for our recent trip to Chile; highly recommended. I'm very glad I read it prior to our trip!

I guess the main thing is that with very little effort this could have been a great book. I like the main character to a point, then it seemed completely crazy. I was routing for the bad guy at one point. Anyway, read at your own risk.

Great book. I loved it. Kept my attention, well written, good character development and not drug out in a tiresome redundant fashion as I find some other books to be.

This was a great book and It was very was to relate to the characters as they were dealing with the same everyday struggles we all face such as heartbreak and love. Overall it was a great book.

Great book #4 in the series. Some of it is predictable, if you read many mysteries, but fun to read.

I was all in from page one. This was one of the best books I have read in a while.

My daughter read it and said it was a Great book, much better than the movie! She loved the characters.

great book! Fun story, which I felt like I walked into the middle of because it's part of a line of books, but I still enjoyed. Kept me speculating until the end and pondering what I would have done if I'd been put in a similar situation.

This is a great book for kids 10-14 years that enjoy ghost hunting type stories. It is scary, but not too scary with humor interspersed. Recommend for someone looking for a series to read over the summer.

A great book! Especially if you've already read Machine of Death. There might be one or two stories you don't like but there's so much variety and great writing.

Where to begin? Wonderful story. Youching smart got me involved the the peoples lives. Onr of the best bookd ive read. I highly recommend it. You can feel for every character. Author is higjly skilled.

Very good book. It was nice to see a good thing happen to someone that did not have it so good. Great ending

Don't start reading this in the evening - you'll be up all night finishing it. A good book for the beach.

I enjoyed what I read of the story, but I really could not stand the languege. UGH. I read to escape not to hear swear words in my mind. Really I did enjoy the love hate relationship the story was about. It is a good book if you are not apposed to lower languege.

Great book on introducing people to the world of nature. Easy readingand enjoyable. Makes you aware that everything has a spirit and shouldbe cared for. We are responsible for our world and this encourages usto do it.

this was a gift for my son and he requested this and other books related to small scale farming. Hopefully it will have what he is looking for. Many good books by this author.

This is a good book. I read it in a few hours!!!! Aaron is a master manipulator and has baby girl right where he wants her, or does he? I can't wait for part 2.

Mateu-Mestre's book deserves much more attention than it gets. I think that's because so few artists understand what pictorial composition is and that it, and it alone, creates the mood, the tone of voice and the emotional message of your pictures.This is one of the best books written about this difficult-to-master aspect of professional art.