This is one of the best books I have ever read! An amazing account by a psychiatrist who uses hypnosis with a client and discovers past lives.

This is a wonderful book! It's moving, funny, and comes with mouthwatering recipes for things like Tiramisu, Lasagna, and others. What more could you ask, lol!I very much connected to all the characters. There are no good guy/bad guy stereotypes here, just real people, with insecurities, who sometimes have less-than-stellar moments. It's a satisfying read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

this is a great book series. i love the characters! Especially the kids!! If you are looking for a great read, pick up these books!

Good book. A little frustrating that it's 4 small books to this series instead of 1 good long book. If u buy the series for .99 it's not bad though & u can read it all at once

A beautiful book for the little ones. Teaches a comforting lesson, and has beautiful illustrations. An expression of mother love. Well done.

This is one of the best books of all times. The principals aren't necessarily easy to follow but if you have the discipline they will change your life for the better, and isn't that what you really want?

good book

this was a great book! come home is about a mother who would do anything to help her kids no matter the problems that it could cause her personally or financially

This is a fabulous, wonderful book. I truly loved every word, each one clearly chosen so carefully. It includes so many wonderful allusions and quotes from classical authors that fit so perfectly within the story. I hated for it to end for it was a terrific read. Most of all, murders aside, it is a fabulous academic mystery and they are the best mysteries of all.

I loved the whole series!! But this was the best book of them all. So sorry to see the end of the series, but I will definitely reread them!

At the beginning, I got lost..But after a while it was a great book, not to much sex which was good. I like the idea that he was playing hard to get although he knew he wanted her... but over all it was a fantastic book...

A great read with realistic characters and a true family drama with espionage, murder, romance, and plenty of gunplay and hand to hand fighting. Great book.

Best book I've read in a while!!! A must read!!! Buy it! Trust me! It's fantastic!!!!! The only disappointment was that I finished it so fast (couldn't put it down), now, what will I read?? ;)

Julia is an art student with a bad past and is trying to move on when she meets Aiden a teacher who just want to protect her and keep her safe. When the past comes back she to relive the story of the past she is trying to forget. Then all of the sudden things change. Great book going to start the second one NOW!!!!

A very nice book that requires some patience at points, but is definitely worth the read. For hard boiled detective fans it has all the elements with a very unique main character.

I've read several books on the Obamas and this is really one of the best books out there. The editor/ writer clearly took the time to research the subject matter and compile it in a well organized way that is enjoyable to read.

Steamy from cover to cover. One of the best books I've read in a long time. The character's was really brought to life

Honestly, this is one of the best books I've read on organizing a home, and how and why to declutter. It is written in a very conversational style, and the author does a great job of starting at the beginning, and taking you all the way through to...organization! (Yes, I needed this.) :)

Another great book by and community are always a central theme in her books -should be more of that in the real world.

This was such a good book! It had lots of steamy sex, romance and even mystery. It was such a romantic book!

This is another great book by Jennifer. I'm always disappointed when Jennifer's books end. I'm anxiously awaiting book 3. These books are entertaining and make me laugh in places. I just love these grandparent Felty and Annie.

We read this every night to our 3 year old son. he loves it! I love it, my wife loves it too.very good book busy vibrant pictures. skulls in two might scare some little ones, but not our son.i think this is generally for slightly older kids, but we do fine with it.

Another good book that I couldn't put down. I started it and finished it in one day. The story makes you want to keep reading.

Was a good book and awesome start for a new series. Can't wait for the next book in the series

Good book. I liked it enough that I immediately ordered the other books in the series. Submerged has a nice blend of mystery and romance with a Christian base.. My only complaint is that the male leads (in all the series) are just a little too handsome, strong and sweetly sensitive to be believable.

i enjoyed page turnerthats for surethe author in few pagesdescribes the religion opinions of the first politicians of the coloniesvery informativea nice book for american history fans

This is a great book for the raw foodist novice, like myself. Although there is a lack of photos provided, the directions for most of the recipes is good.

A good story of cute cats, good books, likeable children and adults. Shows that we all can learn to accept differences with people and animals.

Good book read this or die seriously it is an awesome book hope you read it thanks for reading this comment bye

This is a great book to have when making out your grocery list.