It was Ok but there are so many good books out there that I decided not to finish this one. I was hoping I'd love it since this author has so many other books available.

This was one of the best books I have ever read. If I was alive back in 1908, I would be shocked. But now, it just seems normal.

This is a great book to take to the beach-the hero and heroine are delicious and sweep you along through the story. Warning-- diet or no, the food descriptions will make you hungry. So stop worrying about your size and enjoy a romp with Lindsey and Hal.

It was a good book, I enjoy it and I like how Marie stayed with her husband after everything that he did.

This is a great book for staying in shape while traveling. There are some silly exercises, but for the most part the exercises are good. I don't recommend the upside down headstand push ups however.

What a great book. I couldn't stop reading it Would reccommend it to people I know that like reading about things like this.

Required reading for manager training. Pretty good book. If you are in the business world and in the people management or org behavior game, give this one a look.

It was a good book with a smooth read. The sadness of real events and the lack of value toward females is certainly brought home. But to me, it was not a great book. It did not linger in my mind for days or touch my emotions. I think it was somewhat predictable which didn't seem very realistic to me. A good read, but certainly not a great one.

This was a good book. I would recommend it, so get and read. Can't wait to see what happens to the characters. There is some action and some mystic stuff even some other things. Have fun reading.

I think this is one of Fisher's best books. She takes her knowledge of Hollywood, combined with her own experiences of life in Hollywood and turns it into a surprisingly funny book.

Another great book. I love the women's murder club. These stories keep me in suspense through the whole book. fabulous.

This is a good book, I have recommended it to everyone. Who am I to judge this boy and his family because you nor I know what happened.

This is a great book for really studying the basics of chess. Everything from piece movement to notation. Great for anyone looking to start the process from beginner to serious player.

Great book, very well written, excellent pictures, perfect as a reference book.Being on my kindle, I'll go back to it frequently. I have 4 dogs...

Great book and I think well written for the aspiring photographer, like myself. Excellent service from amazon, as usual. Thanks again!Bruce

This is a great book for anyone who is a leader and wants his or her company to excel. I highly recommend it!

Its a good book! With that said if you focus on wealth and ignore your senses in everyway and continue to focus on wealth you will recieve it!! it could be a lottery win or any other way to recieve it it will come!. Thanks

Very good book, hoping to see more in this series. Fun to read and easy to whiz through as it flows well.

This was the best book I have read it was awesomeThe best book ever love itWant to read more

This is a physically beautiful book that feels good in my hands. Byrne has given us a thoughtful look at music, creativity, and culture. I was fascinated by effects of technology, and finances on music.

This a great book, from page one until the end. I loved this I cannot wait until the next book comes out!!T

good book lots of information on making soap at home good book to read for beginners and reference durring the process of making soaps

This was a quick read. I enjoyed it and like the way the story unfolded. I am not sure how many more in the series i will read. This was a good book for the discounted price.

Preaching, paper back book. A good book to review and update yourself on how to present your sermons. It had some good suggests on how to get your audience interested and keep their attention.

Good book. I learned so much about the Civil war and was able to share facts with my fourth graders.

If we all realized how dangerous negative thought are to our health and well being, we would allow even one. We also know that our thoughts become our words so there you go. More damage done. Great book.

I liked the characters and the story. The description of Chinese food was very interesting, as I had not known about the importance and ritual of food in China. Sometimes the descriptions of the food were a bit long, but on the whole it was a good book.

This is a great book.Zweig tells you what to look for and what not to get distracted by.I keep his 4% rule (Buy when the market closes up 4% and sell when it closes down 4% on weekly closes) as one of the indicators to look at when thinking of buying and selling a stock.That rule alone should make one more money than a buy and hold approach.Fine book.

An insightful look into the world of a concierge! If you are a people person, love to serve and help others, this is a great book to read. Funny, and entertaining!

Good book.good book about the lives of the western ranchers and their lives on the wild frontier with their families.