A great book. It give you a better understanding of why we are in such a big mess. With a rookie.

I have 2 daughters getting married this year and this was a great book to read during this time. A lovely story of the people they've focused on. Definitly worth reading if your a mom with a daughter!

This is a great book. It has a few twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. A very good tale. I shall purchase more of Poulson's books.

I wish it would have ended with who Bree was marrying and how she knew him. All in all good book!

One of the best books on how authority works in the Kingdom of God that I have ever read. It is difficult to read at time because of sentence structure, but chapters nine and ten are worth it all.

This was a very good series, not much curse words I like not reading curse words in a good book,easy to read

Great book. I listened in the car & got a lot of useful tips for relationships. Definitely would recomend this one.

Because this is the best book on church growth borne out of having the priorities of the church right that I have ever read and I have read a lot about church growth and church being influential in culture.

It's not my favorite book, but it is not awful. I wish they would include more information about Stephanie, but other than that it's fine.

This is a great book for beginners (like myself) who have already mastered the garter stitch. The projects for the bags are very clear. Being a beginner though some of the abbreviations can be confusing, but they are very easy to figure out once you look at them again. You can always look up what the mean online or in another knitting book.

I'm a psychotherapist for very little people (3-5 years). The things they struggle with are often things that bigger folks think are easy -- like hearing No all the time. This is a great book for them (and me).

This is a great book about immigrant families, their love for one another and the power of the human spirit to make something better of one's self.

Great book!!Couldn't put it down, so dedicated my Saturday and read it straight thru!! Well written and enjoyable to read.

Good book, not perfect, i missed the romance in it. Went right straight to the sex. I missed the wooing.

By now, you know the basic story and are really enjoying it, THEN he takes it up a notch and get some serious action started. Wow. This is one good book!

Things are heating up on every level in the Crescent city. Allow and levi finally come together just in time for all he'll to break loose. Great book

Great book! I had a hard tome putting it down!!! A must read for all ages. I really like how it gives a new spin to fairy tales!

If you are looking for hot love scenes this will be a great book for you. The characters are well developed and are interesting. The plot was predictable but then...well ok, this isnt a very expensive book so that was fine with me.

Very good book. Really makes you stop and think about that line you cross when it becomes abuse. Good read.

Good book keeps your interest,keeps you wanting to go on reading. Looking forward to reading the next follow up book.

Good book, looking forward to reading the next book. Sounds like Sam's family still has an adventure left, and what about mirror and spiders, can't wait.

Great book-will re-read the series shortly-easiest if read all 3 books in proper order--very realistic and plausible as author is a physicist and grew up in the Roswell, NM area.

What a great book, romance, mystery and murder. I just love a good highlander and his lady add clan troubles and sizzle and I'm a happy girl!

Her book was so very interesting that I had a hard putting it down. She writes a wonderful book and her choice of recipes at the end are great.

Thank you Stephanie for written such a great book. It keep my interest for the entire book. You never know what will happen next. Fun fun to read.

starts a bit weird and is depressing, but overall, a good book

This is one of King's best. A page turner that I completed in two days. His use of baseball terminology is sheer genious throughout the telling of his tale. Wonderful, wonderful book!

A great book for new vegans going to the supermarket. Purchased it for my nephew since he wants to become vegan and this will help with shopping for groceries.

This was a good book. I totally enjoyed reading this one. Hopefully, the author is woking on the next installment.

This is part of our grandson's favorite book set and we are always glad to give books to children. Good reading.