A fairly good book about a London rock band and the two girls hired to write their story for their American tour.

A wonderful story. One of hope, finding God and finally finding love and forgiveness. This is a wonderful book to read.

This was really a good book. Well written. I look forward to reading more by this author,very good good book.

Absolutely one of the best books I've read this year; love everything about it from the writing to the characters and on and on. They don't come much better than this. It doesn't overwhelm you with sex but it's incredibly sensuous. It's just a great book!3693 kindle locations

Very nice book for people who have questions about faith and God relates to the Bible and explains things simply.

This was a good book, good characters, good plots but I have to warn you that you will be disappointed at the ending. It is a who=done=it book without knowing who did it in the end. Maybe this is just a ruse to buy the next book but it left me feeling 'taken'.

Its about sacrifice and what we will do for our families. Not my favorite book by this author, but it was not bad.

I really liked the first book in this series but I felt like this one missed the mark. I liked the characters but I feel like the author didn't really let us see their story much and as soon as we started to get to know them as a couple the story ended :( but overall it was a good book just wanted more from them.

This was a good book to fill in lovely warm afternoon rests when i was recovering from a busy year!

This is positively the best book in my collection. The information in it has helped all aspects of our lives. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their life. It can't be beat!

Great book! It kept me engrossedIn the story. I ended up buying the fullKindle version if it to read

A fantastic book on SAVING a marriage! Wonderful tales of learning to live in Italy and very down to earth with the details. Enjoyed the travels, and sure am wishing my hubby and I could do the same someday! Wonderful writing and just enough length to each chapter and some very hilarious encounters!

It is not my first hangman novel, and I've enjoy it as much as the others. The script is more complex but keep us reading. Interresting perspective of a period where cell phones where a long way ahead. Really a good book, I recommend it.

This a great book that should be read by young and old. The story of how humanity rose from the dark age of superstitious beliefs about disease is chronicled in this volume.

This is a nice book and very simple for the kids. They enjoy it but it is so simple it leaves gaps in the stories so the parents have to fill them in. I wish it were a little more elaborate to give a complete picture.

One of my favorite books to read to my kids. It also makes me very glad I don't have seven children. :)

What a great book. A lot of questions were answered by these 2 people, questions we come up against when we are learning to become self sufficient. Thank you so much for all of your experience being shared so freely....

A good book. I got a little confused going back and forth with all the characters but thought overall it was a good read.

It's a pretty good book.I liked can be interesting and also little funny!it's a good book to read and has good drawings!

One of the most inspiring and uplifting book I've read this year! I feel the need to know use affirmations in my daily life. A truly wonderful book with delightful characters.

Great book. Love cats. Love mysteries. Shannon has it all plus a whole lot of crazies in Crazy.. I hope she writes more.

What a beautiful book. Me, who knows nothing about the Air force, I understand better what happens in families when one of their must go to war. This is a very interesting book to read.

Great book for young adult science fiction genre. I tried out the first one to see if I would like the series and ended up purchasing the other ones in the series. Very entertaining.

This was a good book although I was able to predict the entire book after the first couple of chapters. I cannot wait for part two.

The story of mystery was good but too much for the life story. One of the good book..... depending on do you expect the mystery to happen fast or not.

It was a good book. A little slow in the middle. But worth reading. The ending was good no lose ends.

Good book, definitely a different background concept with characters you grow to care about. I'm hoping the second book digs more into Jack's character because I don't feel I really got to know him well or his background in the first book.

This was a great book that really got my emotions going. The connection between these two characters is one that was felt when reading their story. Great book, and an easy read.

Another great book, I think he is the master of the spy vs. spy book. This was heads and tails above the movie. Great characters, I really disliked the antagonist. Good, smart story that still plays today. He pulls the rug out from under you a number of times so you cannot predict the outcome. I have never gone wrong with this author.

Arrived in time period promised and in condition promised. My child was excited to see it. Great book! Gave as gift.