ir a very nice book it help me in lots of was. and showed lot of healing with crystals to help with sleep to ..

Very good book indeed. I enjoyed this one because it kept you on the edge of your seat. I could not figure out the ending which is a good thing.

Awesome book, great ending for all. Very witty when needed. Love the names of the characters as well. Great great book.

A great book and a special gift for those who are wavering. Buy several and give them out to unbelievers

This is a really good book. Well written and very enjoyable. This is a must read. I've also enjoyed other books by this author.

if youre looking for a christian perspective on parenting, this is a great book. I recommend it for you whole heartedly.

Very good book from Sanford as usual but I thought the topic was very dark. Granted most of his books are a bit dark.Lucas is a good personage... a little bit hard to believe sometimes.

Mind blowing. Douglas pulls you on page one and keeps you reading till the final page. The best book on how TV dramas are written. Highly entertaining

A great book for kids and adults...just an overall good book with wonderful information and awesome pictures!

.It was a good book it just staged during the end. But the suspense was good. The beginning to past the middle was great.

Pressfield has done it again. A great book that kept me turning the pages and biting my nails. What an awesome story. Told in spare prose with the same putting the reader right in the battle sense from Gates of Fire. This is just a great read. I finished it and wanted to start right over again. There's so much to learn in this novel.

This a good book that I enjoyed. The story starts strong and is nicely done. The end was a bit rushed or odd, I take that to be an editorial thing.. Definately worth the read for all Fans of the era or of MZB in general.

This is a very good book that keeps you wondering what will happen next. When you think you know who did it she throws in an other suspect.

The action and suspense that is. You are taken from one situation right into another from start to finish. I wouldn't mind seeing how many strays are picked up along the way.All in all this is a very good book.

My fiance loves turtle books and this is a great book to add to her collection. Fun read even for the children at heart!

I love this series. The author keeps me wanting more because they are such a good book series.. Keeps me hooked waiting for the next one from this author..

This was such a good book! It was very relatable and the story was very engaging. It was one of the best biographies I have ever read!

A great book, sad to lose a main character , But another Great story buy a couple of great writer's , wonder how they come up with all these grate Idea's.

Great book for planning US driving trips. Quality, well done. Easy to follow format. I almost feel like buying one more copy for when this one is used up. Great for RV vacations. Just used it for a three week trip from Minnesota to Washington state wine country. It made the planning stage much easier and more enjoyable.Well done.

Broken promise between world's #2 is a great and exiting adventurous book. The first one left me with unanswered questions, this one left me with even more. All in all it was a great book and I finished it In one day. Can't wait to get the next one!

This was a wonderful book . It really held my attention and made me want to read more of it. I could not put it down. I would highly recommend this to everyone. I hope she will write more books in the future.

Great book to either look at or follow directions and make your own creatures! Maureen is always a fun read!

Very good book, nice characters, not too many formatting issues, good light hearted read, not only for the holidays either.

great book looking forward to more in the series had to down load other books by this author and enjoyed all of them

By far one of my new favorite books. I wish there was a continued story line...but beggars can't b choosers.

This is a wonderful book, especially for kids who don't want to go to bed when they should. The illustrations are very well done and just wait until you see how Peter's mind is changed.

LOVED the story! What a great book. Someone needs to do some serious editing, though, it is full of errors.I was able to overlook them because it was wonderful! Best low cost kindle book surprise yet.:)

What a wonderful book!!!! It's the third book by abbi glines I've read in the last 6 days lol guess u could say I have a new favorite author

Good book in true Reichs style. Wasn't particularly interested in the technical information about diamond mines but enjoyed it nonetheless.

It brings you in at the beginning trying to figure out what is going on and how she is going to get away. Her getting drunk I could relate. A very good book I would recommend it as a good read.