Good book if you like bad a__ guys that are great lovers! I love this series. I have read them all and can't wait for the next one.

Kind of hard to follow but over all this was a good book. I'm happy with this find now I just need to watch the movie.

This was very good book. I bought the paper back. I can read again if I want anytime. This was as good as the rest of the Ferro clan. Please keep them coming. Thanks for your 'books

Great book I love a hot menace and let me tell you it is hot I had to put my kindle l the freezer. Can't wait for the next one

It was a great book and a pleasure to read.. It kept you guessing. I really like this authors books.

This was one of the best books I've read, and I read a lot. The story was heartwarming, heart wrenching.... The dialogue was fresh, funny and clever. I love that's it's not your typical fall in love, scream at the characters to make better decisions, cry in angst, make up, love story. This is the real deal. Movie worthy.

This is without a doubt an excellent book by a fantastic author. As always Isaac does a fantastic job of providing you information with a bit of his humor on the side. It is a great read and a wonderful book to add to your library.

It is very refreshing to read about a person who is not impressed by fame or fortune. Very good book.

While there were some formatting issues this was generally a good book. The storyline was well thought out and hooked the reader in. It was a story that would be shocking if it had been true. I would recommend this as a read to others just keep in mind the formatting issues.

Knowledge is power! When you don't know search so some light could be shed. Great book to read and have clarity on this topic well put together.

I"m on page 296 of 415 pages and can't wait for it to end. It would have been a good book at maybe 300 pages, but it definitely did not need to be 415 pages. Just my two cents worth.

Good book for an easy read, great value for the price especially if you can borrow it on the prime for free. Funny will get you to laugh

Nice book on how to deal with toddlers: a lot of info that will help parents to understand toddler's behaviour and take suitable actions.You will enjoy. Thanks!

it is a very fasinating book that I never knew about the Queen is a good book to find out ...

Congratulations to this author! This is one of the best books I've read in the last year. Great story and characters. Romance, humor, suspense...It's all there. You'll love it!

Great book for my sewing room- I bought as fun gift for friend. Cute illustrations. Recommend for nice gift for any young lady or older one,who likes style.

I picked this rating because I thought some of the situations where a little over the edge. The lesson it taught was very insightful . It is a good book for a well rounded minded person.

Another great book in this series. Can't wait to see if there is another book. Keep up the good work...

This was a very good book. I could not put it down, once I got started. It is for all those who like a heartwarming romance.

This is the best book I have found that explains Islam to the non-Muslim.

5stars-beautiful book,Chayton is pure gold-Lakota powerful,Agnes painting journey is heaven, white bird I wish you get your own book! :)

Very good book. My children really enjoy it. Can't get a better deal with it being free. Would recommend to a friend.

Written for the standard person I felt the fable part of "Squawk" talked down to me. I can imagine however that these type of leaders need the simpleness of the story. The principles that Bradberry points out could be also taken out of the business world and used in raising children. Overall its a good book and a recommended read for over bearing managers.

Great book for home school and it arrived in perfect shape and in the perfect time. Good to order herethanks

This was a good very good book so far I'm shocked that he was kinda restless at the end but I think he loves her. And hope to find out soon..

This was a good book with an interesting twist to the story. A very good read and a good mystery.

This was a great book. it had some great surprises. It even had a special appearance. I can't wait for King.

As an ethnobotany-concentration student, I find this to be a very helpful book. It has beautiful illustrations, and a complete lexicon of poisonous/hallucinogenic plants with pictures and complete descriptions. My botany teacher who has his degree in ethnobotany currently is borrowing it from me and says it's a very good book, especially for its price.

Very good book best of the trilogy. (Spoiler) they finally got their happy ever after, although Will and Bernie died.

This is such a fun and exciting tale. You will be hooked, so you better buy all 4 of them. The story is enticing. The characters are exciting. This is a great book and definatly worth the read.